Royal Message


Royal Message

Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana
Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra


Honorary President of the Pāḷi Tipiṭaka Presentation in Roman-Script Edition Worldwide

I am delighted and profoundly honoured to present a 40-volume Pāḷi Tipiṭaka in Roman-script edition to leading institutions worldwide. This occasion is especially meaningful because this publication is the world’s first Pāḷi Tipiṭaka Edition in Roman script -- from the only Great International Council, convened by 2,500 Theravāda Buddhist monks in the Buddhist Era 2500 or 1956 A.D. It is, therefore, a Heritage of Humanity Enlightenment which has been preserved for over 2500 years.

The three inaugural Pāḷi Tipiṭaka editions were published by the Dhamma Society under the Patronage of the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. The first inaugural edition was presented to the people of Sri Lanka on March 6, 2005. I went on a Pilgrimage to Colombo upon the invitation of the President of Sri Lanka for the presentation of the special edition which is now preserved at the Presidential Mansion in Colombo. The special edition for the Kingdom of Thailand was presented to the people of Thailand on August 15, 2005 and is now preserved at the Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok. The special edition for the western world was presented on September 13, 2005 to the Kingdom of Sweden and is now preserved at the Uppsala University Library.

The presentation of the International Pāḷi Tipiṭaka in Roman-script edition is a meritorious act following the publication of the Tipiṭaka in Siam-script edition by my Grandfather, King Chulalongkorn Chulachomklao of Siam, who in 1893 had the Pāḷi Tipiṭaka printed in book-form for the first time in the world. Over two hundred and sixty of these sets were presented to leading institutions worldwide. In Sri Lanka and Sweden, one set of these historic printings “Chulachomklao the Great of Siam Pāḷi Tipiṭaka” has been well-preserved both in the temple of the Holy Tooth Relic in Kandy and at the Carolina Rediviva in Uppsala.

After the inauguration in 2005, one thousand sets will be presented as a donation to leading institutions worldwide. Furthermore, the International Tipiṭaka Studies will be initiated as an integral part of the presentation. The International Tipiṭaka Studies in these leading institutions will integrate the wisdom-base in the Tipiṭaka with the knowledge-base of the world today. It is hoped that the integration and right understanding of the Pāḷi Tipiṭaka will ensure sustainable peace, as well as lasting security for the international community today.

May the merits of the International Tipiṭaka printing and the presentation bring wisdom, life-long happiness and prosperity to the people of the world, now and always.

Bangkok, Thailand


Royal Message H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana by Dhamma Society on Scribd