Tipiṭaka in Tai Lanxang Script-Pāḷi

A Publication Note 2019

This year, in 2019, on the twentieth anniversary of the World Tipiṭaka​ Project under the patronage of His Holiness Somdet Phra Ñāṇasaṁvara, the 19th Supreme Patronage of Thailand, the World Tipiṭaka​ Foundation has made a special phonetic transcription of the World Tipiṭaka​ Edition in Roman script into the Tai Tipiṭaka​ in various national scripts (see appendix)​ to be published in bookform and digital edition.

This Commemorative Tai Tipiṭaka​ is available in two different Sajjhaya Phonetic Editions (ฉบับสัชฌายะ)​; namely, the Tai-script in parallel corpus printing with Thai Phonetic Alphabet-Pāḷi and the Tai-script in parallel corpus printing with Roman Phonetic Alphabet-Pāḷi.

It is sincerely hoped that the Tai Tipiṭaka​ in Sajjhāya Edition which received a Patent in digital syllabic segmentation No. 46390, will facilitate the Pāḷi recitation in the Tipiṭaka​ in according with the Kaccāyana Pāḷi Grammar effectively and efficiently both in Thailand and abroad for many years to come.

The World Tipiṭaka ​Foundation

See manuscript in Thai Introduction


1V-lanchang-newroman by Dhamma Society on Scribd